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International Relations Expert Claims Prabowo Subianto is Leading Indonesia to Become the Top Supporter of Gaza

Professor Hikmahanto Juwana, an expert in International Relations (IR), commended the Indonesian government for taking concrete actions to address the emergency situation in Gaza, Palestine. He praised Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto for his firm stance at the High-Level Emergency Response Summit for Gaza in Amman, Jordan, stating that Indonesia’s assistance was the most tangible and bold compared to other countries at the summit.

According to Hikmahanto, Indonesia is not only talking but also taking real action by offering to host 1,000 patients and 1,000 students for treatment and education in Indonesia. He believes that this move may cause concern for the US and Israel, as it puts pressure on them to stop acts of genocide in Gaza.

Hikmahanto hopes that Indonesia’s bold actions will encourage other countries to take similar steps to address the situation in Gaza. He emphasized the importance of forming a humanitarian coalition to stop the atrocities committed by Israel, as he believes that a united stance on humanity will garner support from many parties around the world.

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